Hampden 2012 OWH Single Cask #669 - Singapore Edition 2021

Hampden 2012 OWH Single Cask #669 - Singapore Edition 2021

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Tasting Notes for Hampden 2012 OWH Single Cask #669 - Singapore Edition 2021:

Nose:  Undoubtedly Jamaican, soft tropical fruit notes giving way to warm spices (cinnamon & nutmeg), and wood polish.

Taste:  Lovely and complex. Initially quite acidic and vegetal, followed by rich chocolate notes and a touch of leather. Ripe fruit is balanced by the warm spices, lightly roasted, joined by soft, inviting notes of toasted bread.

We highly recommend trying this Hampden OWH #669 with a little bit of dilution as it opens up beautifully. With water, the acidity gives way to richer, sweeter tones, and fresh tropical fruits blossom, with a welcoming touch of black pepper.

Finish:  Roasted notes mingle with fresh notes of menthol, eucalyptus and liquorice on the finish. Truly, an epic ride.

  • Originally bottled for the Whisky Live Singapore that never happened, we’re excited to get our hands on some of the last remaining bottles of this Hampden OWH Single Cask #669.

    With the highly collectable Trelawny Endemic Bird Series, the Hampden distillery pays tribute to the rich wildlife of 67 different bird species living in the heart of Cockpit Valley, notably including the golden swallow, crested quail-dove, black-billed amazon and Jamaican blackbird.

    Single Cask #669, Bourbon Barrel Limited edition of 250 bottles

  • Hampden is an old-line Jamaican rum distillery which has been in continuous production since 1753, and is by far the most unchanged from how it looked and operated hundreds of years ago. It produces the funkiest, highest ester rum of any Jamaican distillery, the direct result of a fermentation process that is unique, and impossible to replicate anywhere else. 250 years of fermentation in the same room have built up a unique microbiota of fungus and yeast which populate a mystery fluid residing in brick-lined pits set into the ground, and start fermenting. This process takes a variable amount of time from batch to batch and can last up to several weeks, with the antique fermentation room and ancient equipment monitored by the most high tech devices available to ensure that its fermented molasses is only moved to the still house when it is just right.

    Hampden has four pot stills from three continents: Two Forsyths from Scotland, a Vendome from Kentucky, and the last from T&T Engineering in South Africa and is one of only 2 Jamaican distilleries which are pot still only. Maturation is done on site, and the ageing rooms are in an adjoining building, along with the large “pool” where they produce the pure sugar cane vinegar which, added at the fermentation stage, gives Hampden rum its unique and unmistakable aromatic bouquet.

  • ProducerHampden Estate Distillery
    Age8 years