Liquore delle Sirene Bitter Liqueur

Liquore delle Sirene Bitter Liqueur

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Tasting Notes for Liquore delle Sirene Bitter Liqueur:

Aroma: Intense and complex, with a slightly sharp note.  The prevailing aroma of rhubarb, followed by hints of Mediterranean fruit and sweet Oriental spices, with undertones of tamarind and oak. A herbaceous finish enhances the complexity.

Taste: A soft and warm first impact on the palate, then alternating between the harmonious flavour of botanicals, in which perfumed fruit and flowers, Dog Rose and Orange Blossom, are the backdrop to the aromatic notes of Cinchona and Gentian.

Finish: Long and taut, oscillating between the tingle of Ginger and the sweetness of Vanilla Bourbon. A deep and lingering flavour that evolves into salted caramel.

  • Artisanal, Handcrafted Bitter Comprising of 23 carefully selected botanicals from the Lago di Gardo region of Italy

    Premium upgrade from Campari Bitters.

    Pair with Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino for a perfect Negroni or Americano

    The Liquore delle Sirene is an invigorating artisanal gold bitter, a trip that from the tradition brings you far away.

    The Sirene is handcrafted by single infusion of 23 botanicals, love and Lake Garda vibe. It is handmade with natural ingredients, with a unique recipe that mix the Mediterranean fruits and the flowers, the sweet Oriental spices and the bitter roots from Americas.

    The Sirene take you in a magic sea made of Love, Mistery and a little of Madness.

  • Volume70cl