Montaribaldi Grappa Nebbiolo Ricü

Montaribaldi Grappa Nebbiolo Ricü

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Tasting Notes for Montaribaldi Grappa Nebbiolo Ricü

Aroma: Wide and rich with notes which remind of spices, vanilla and toasting. 

Taste: Rich, delicate, with great harmony and persistence.


Food Pairings: Perfect for enjoying at the end of a meal, paired with coffee and dark chocolate, or for meditation. 

  • Montaribaldi Grappa Nebbiolo Ricü is the top of the range grappa from one of the oldest vineyards in the Barbaresco region of Italy. After distilling, the Grappa stays in oak barrels for around 10 years before being bottled. It is characterized by its amber color, its wide and rich perfume with a touch of cherry, chocolate and vanilla. Barbaresco Ricü's Grappa is powerful yet delicate. It is suitable to drink at the end of a meal, possibly accompanied by coffee or dark chocolate or to enjoy during meditation. Only a handful of bottles are produced each year and it comes in a very nice decanter bottle with a beautiful wooden display box.

  • In 1968 Pino Taliano founded Taliano Guiseppe. He acquired vineyards throughout the Piedmont and his desire was to create a diverse array of holdings that could highlight the different soils, climatic conditions and traditional varietals of the Piedmont. In 1994, Pino’s son Luciano took over the reins and changed the name of the family business to Azienda Agricola Montaribaldi. The name Montaribaldi refers to the ancient Roman road that linked the winery to the different vineyards throughout the Piedmont, thus creating a philosophical and geographical umbrella that tie Luciano’s forward looking Domaine to the rich viticultural history of the region. The vision of the Montaribaldi reflects the mantra of “place over process” and the winemaking is done in such a way as to bring this to fruition.

  • ProducerMontaribaldi
    AgeAged for 10 years in oak barrels