Winestillery Old Tom Gin

Winestillery Old Tom Gin

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Tasting Notes for Winestillery Old Tom Gin

Overall this Gin is intense with vinous notes of fruit combined with sweet aromas of honey, nutmeg and dark spices. Juniper and coriander, a bouquet of medicinal herbs with a touch of orange zest and delicate sensations of wood. Naturally sweet, without adding sugar or any other form of sweetening.


  • Winestillery, the first and only “Vinstilleria” in the world, a Winery and a Distillery merged together to create a new take on traditional products. All the spirits distilled by Winestillery must originate from grapes or vines, and all botanicals are only selected from those of the Tuscan tradition. These guys take their wine and spirits seriously, and have even gone as far as writing a Grape to Glass Manifesto which you can find on their website.

    It should be of no surprise that the Winestillery Old Tom gin is different, and judging by the number of awards it’s picked up, that’s definitely “good different”. The gin is produced without any added sugar, but uses of naturally sweet botanicals, and order to emphasize the characteristics of this variant of gin and in line with the practices of the past, the Old Tom of Winestillery makes a short rest in French oak barriques, where the Chianti of the same farm had previously rested. This gives an even more silky and round sensation. A one-of-a-kind product!

  • Created by a family that has been in the wine world for two generations, the folks at Winestillery are lucky enough to be able renew their passion every day among the vineyards. The Distillery is in a unique territory, Tuscany, in particular the Chianti Classico region, with its hills that seem to be drawn by the hands of God, splendid rows of grapevines alternating with olive groves, thick dark woods filled with oak and chestnut trees, long lines of austere cypresses that mark a path to the horizon. Surrounded by so much beauty, the Winestillery folks decided to base their project on one simple desire: to celebrate the land of Tuscany by creating with their own hands products that capture the terroir with all of its nuances.

    To achieve this goal, Winestillery was created, the first and only “Vinstilleria” in the world. They merged together a Winery and a Distillery to reinterpret an extremely traditional product, wine, creating unconventional Tuscan products, such as Gin, Vodka, Vermouth and every other category of Wine and Spirit that could challenge their founder and Master Distiller, Enrico Chioccioli Altadonna.

    Winestillery is a radical project, lively and evolving thanks to the experimentation and dialectic between the Highest Oenological knowledge and the finest Art of Distillation. A holistic production philosophy has been embraced, expressed in the Winestillery Grape to Glass Manifesto. Each of their products is “custom tailored from the harvest to the glass”.

  • ProducerWinestillery
    StyleItalian Craft Old Tom Gin