Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye

Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye

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Tasting Notes for Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey

Nose: : Dill, honey, fresh baked rye bread, and a hint of earthy basil

Taste:  Fresh cracked black pepper, a hint of dill, followed by fresh baked rye bread with a grassy vegetal note and a honey sweetness mingling

Finish: Dry with a slight prickle, with a nice tangy quality to it

  • This classic rye recipe features a mash bill comprised of local Pennsylvania grains: 80% unmalted rye, 15% barley malt, 5% rye malt to deliver a pure expression of Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey. Barrel aging for least six months in charred, new oak quarter casks allows the genuine rye flavor to evolve quickly. As a result, the small batch whiskey is ensured of reaching the right balance of complexity and smoothness. The final product is a very smooth spirit that delivers the up-front spice that rye is known for while finishing with a full, round mouthfeel.

  • Whiskey Advocate Magazine: Craft Whiskey of the Year - 2015

    San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Silver Medal - 2015

  • Herman Mihalich, founder of Dad’s Hat, named the company in honor of his father, whose habit of carefully selecting a hat to suit the day left memories with Mihalich of times “from an era when taking the time to do it the right way mattered.” He approached the art of making whiskey with the same optimistic and careful spirit, even continuing to don the same hats his father did, remarking, “I kept those hats. I still wear them. And you know what? They fit… Perfectly.”

    Dad’s Hat made the first straight rye to come out of Pennsylvania in over 25 years, made in the local style and featuring a grain bill of 80% unmalted rye grain, 15% malted barley and 5% malted rye. Even their bottles and labels come from Pennsylvania. Such is the charm of a company that holds the classic fedora as its badge of honor.

    Named Whisky Advocate’s Craft Whiskey of the Year 2015 as well as being named one of the Top 100 spirits, Dad’s Hat whiskey continues to deliver excellence in its new releases which aim to resurrect the once famous Pennsylvania tradition of distilling rye whiskeys.

  • ProducerMountain Laurel Spirits
    StylePennsylvania Rye Whiskey
    AgeAn unapologetically young whiskey, aged for a minimum of 6 months