Collection: Mezcal & Tequila

Mezcal and tequila are becoming ever more popular as people realize that there's a lot more to authentic agave spirits than the stuff served with salt and lemon on the side. Mezcal and tequila are both native of Mexico and have internationally recognized designation of origin protections, meaning they can only be produced in certain regions of Mexico and must adhere to a fixed set of standards to ensure quality. There are a few differences, but the main difference between mezcal and tequila is that mezcal is generally produced using artisinal production methods handed down almost unchanged through the centuries, whereas tequila is produced on a much larger scale using more modern techniques. Everything we stock is genuine 100% agave spirit of superb quality, so whether you're looking for mezcal or tequila, you can browse with confidence! If you're interested in learning more you can check out our handy mezcal and tequila guide here.