Aviation American Gin

Aviation American Gin

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Tasting Notes for Aviation American Gin

Aroma: Crisp notes of juniper alongside delicate floral sweetness, parma violets, a touch of citrus peel and some green vegetal notes in there too, with a pinch of spice.

Taste: Wonderful spicy notes, more prominent than on the nose, cardamom shining through and a scattering of cinnamon, with floral notes continuing.

Finish: Spices linger, along with the return of citrus peel.

  • Aviation is America’s original craft gin. Created by pioneering bartender, Ryan Magarian and master distiller, Christian Krogstad, in Portland Oregon, it is the culmination of their quest for a more versatile and mixable gin.

    Instead of being overpowered by juniper – the flavor of which many perceive to be “harsh” or “medicinal” – Aviation is a balanced blend of seven botanicals: juniper, cardamom, lavender, sarsaparilla, coriander, anise seed, and dried orange peel.

    Aviation’s botanicals are infused by maceration – steeping them until the flavors have bonded – then redistilled. Many other gins are infused by vapor distillation– passing heated alcoholic vapors through a basket of botanicals.

  • The GIN Is IN Awards: Gold Medal - 2018

    World Gin Awards: Gold Medal - 2015

  • Aviation Gin is produced by House Spirits Distillery, an American craft distiller based in Portland, Oregon. The company's flagship brand - Aviation Gin - accounted for 80% of production in 2014 and 40% of production in 2016. The distillery sold off Aviation American Gin brand to New York-based distributor Davos Brands in 2016, who in turn sold it to Diageo for a staggering $610 million in 2020. The gin continues to be solely produced at House Spirits Distillery.

  • ProducerHouse Spirits Distillery in Portland, Oregon.
    StyleAmerican Craft Gin