Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin

Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin

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Tasting Notes for Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin

Aroma: Multilayered and soft on the nose – incredibly fragrant with lemongrass and rosehips bursting on the nose in an intoxicatingly exotic mix.

Taste: Complex clove and coriander seed with a refreshing zing from the lemongrass joining in.

Finish: Juniper and cubebs linger long after the sip has disappeared.

  • Dutch courage mixed with Indonesian spice is the best description for Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin. Jacobus Alfons, or Bobby to his family and friends, was born in Naku, Ambon (Indonesia), migrated to the Netherlands and settled in Schiedam. Bobby loved Dutch Genever but in his search for flavours reminiscent of home, he started infusing his Genever with familiar Indonesian spices and herbs.

    Fast forward 50 years and Bobby's grandson found a bottle of old gin in the wardrobe and was so impressed he set about recreating it for the modern market. He teamed up with the world reknowned Herman Jansen Distillery and after 2 years of trials and testing, they finally had the gin they were looking for.

    Bobby's Schiedam Dry Gin uses traditional organic Indonesian botanicals and spices such as lemongrass, cloves, coriander, cubeb pepper and cinnamon and marries them with traditional Dutch botanicals such as juniper, fennel and rose hips creating a wonderfuly balanced gin - the best of east and west.

  • World Spirits Award (WSA) Austria - Gold

    Best Dutch Gin - Holland

    China Wine & Spirits Awards - Gold

  • Herman Jansen is a family-owned distillery, located in Schiedam, the Netherlands, and has been producing spirits since 1777, when took over a malt spirit distillery. His success led the family business to grow steadily and his son took over in 1812, with further expansion in 1825 when a new distillery was purchased.

    In 1895, Herman Janese shipped the first freights of aromatic schnapps – a Dutch jenever derivative – to Africa, America and Asia. Herman was as enterprising as he was ingenious. Upon discovering that his glass supplier charged the competition a lower price, he built his own glass plant, UTO: Uit Tegenweer Opgericht (created out of protest).

    Subsequent generations of the family have turned out to have the same inventiveness and business instinct as Herman. The company keeps growing and continues to conquer more and more markets. Smart alliances and takeovers have reinforced Herman Jansen’s position in the Netherlands and beyond. In the 1960s and 1970s, for instance, the company entered into a joint venture with the company K. Plantinga from Bolsward, took over the company F.J. Sonnema and later the company Gorter and merged with distillery Vlek & Co. from Delft. After this merger, Herman Jansen changed its name into UTO (Unaniem Tot Overeenstemming / Unanimous Agreement). The expansion gained momentum: the company continued to enter into joint ventures in more and more countries. Herman Jansen was awarded Distillery of the year and in 2014 Bobby's gin was born.

  • ProducerHerman Jansen Distillery
    StyleSchiedam Dry Gin