Dingle Single Malt 'Batch 4'

Dingle Single Malt 'Batch 4'

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Dingle Single Malt - Batch 4

Aroma: Malty with notes of barley sugar, honey, caramel, and fresh berries.

Taste: Fruity and well-balanced with fresh berries, red grapes, and spices that take some time to come alive, but are well worth the wait. A few drops of water boosts the fruitiness at first, but also rounds off the spices as they develop while smoothing off any rough edges. 

Finish: Long and fruity with lingering spices. 

Overall: A great example artisinal Irish whiskey. Ridiculously smooth and bursting with fruit flavours, this really does go down a treat. Highly recommended!

  • The Dingle Whiskey Distillery is not in the business of creating mega-brands, or distilling for anyone else. Their scale is modest, producing only 4 barrels of spirit per day, and the approach taken by Dingle is essentially artisan, with everything being done by hand under the careful watch of the master distiller Peter Mosley.

    Dingle whiskeys just keep getting better and better and the Single Malt Batch 4 is their best one yet. The addition of a complement of different sherry barrels in Batch 4 has delivered a whiskey that has only built on the success of its Batch 3 counterpart, that was solely matured in ex-bourbon and port barrels. Ridiculously smooth with a creamy mouthfeel, heaps of dried fruits, fresh juicy apricot, tied together with honey and a light nuttiness, and bottled at an almost perfect 46.5%ABV. Lovely stuff!

  • As an annual limited release, we don't expect to see a large amount of awards. Never-the-less, Dingle Single Malt Batch 4 picked up a Gold Medal for best new Irish whiskey at the Irish whiskey awards in 2019. Good job team Dingle!

  • The Dingle Whiskey Distillery was crafted and conceived by three independent spirits: Oliver Hughes; Liam LaHart and Peter Mosley. Oliver, Liam and Peter are the people behind Porterhouse Brewing Company; one of the pioneers of craft brewing in Ireland in 1996. Craft beer in Ireland in the mid-1990s was not appealing to the masses. The idea was radical to some, simply mad to the rest. The refined pallets of the then youthful Oliver, Liam and Peter had seen a love for beer. As their palates became more and more experienced to the taste of Earth’s natural ingredients, the attention turned to whiskey.

    This gave the three guys another idea; an artisan distillery. Could it work? Distillation in Ireland was controlled by three major brands. How would a small, independent distillery fit into the mix? In 1996, Oliver and Liam had the stomach to take on the challenge of the big boys; to do something different. Would they have the desire to go again? You bet they did!

    The Dingle Whiskey Distillery came into being in the cold winter of 2012. Ireland was beginning to come out of the greatest recession in many people’s memory. However unbeknownst to many, the most significant event in the Irish whiskey industry in decades was happening in a tin shed in the town of Dingle, Co. Kerry. Witnessed by few, the first Dingle Whiskey Casks were filled on the 18th December 2012. Three years and a day later on the 19th December 2015, one cask, Cask No. 2 was released. Dingle whiskey was born. Dingle distillery was ready.

    Dingle have always had quality over quantity at the forefront of our thoughts. They never had any interest in distilling enormous quantities of bland whiskey. They understand and respect the concept, it just wasn’t for them! They aren’t passionate about bland spirt. They are hugely passionate about flavoursome, well-crafted spirit.

    To achieve the flavours they wanted to achieve in the whiskey, they use three distinctive, hand-crafted copper pot stills to create what they believe is the ultimate Irish whiskey. Their distinctive design, incorporating a boil ball, encourages reflux and has much to do with the remarkable smoothness and purity of our spirit. They use a small, swan neck pot still to achieve our desired effect on the award-winning Gin and Vodka.

    Once again, Dingle appear to be at the forefront of a minor revolution in that the Dingle Whiskey Distillery is the first of what appears to be – and we certainly hope will be – artisan distilleries throughout the island of Ireland. The future of the Irish Whiskey industry looks bright and Dingle were the first ones to break the mould. Long may it continue!

  • ProducerDingle Distillery
    StyleSingle Malt