Duncan Taylor The Octave Craigellachie 12 Year Old, 54.9% abv

Duncan Taylor The Octave Craigellachie 12 Year Old, 54.9% abv

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Tasting Notes for Duncan Taylor The Octave Craigellachie 12 Year Old, 54.9% abv

Toasted oats, toffee apple, lemon zest, malty ripe fruits. Sherry fruit coulis, strawberry shortcakes with white pepper and butterscotch.

  • A Singapore exclusive from Craigellachie Distillery for the wonderful Duncan Taylor Octave range.

    The team at Duncan Taylor have been experimenting with smaller casks, or octaves, for over 40 years. Their research stems from the simple premise that there is more wood interaction with whisky over a shorter period of time in a small cask than in a large cask, therefore allowing a more rapid melding of wood, air and alcohol.

    After a second maturation the octave casks have refined the whisky, enhancing its hue, taste, form and character. The flavour profile is gently expanded, a little more sophisticated with the commanding presence of a mature, well-balanced Scotch Whisky. So they say anyway and who are we to argue, especially if they bottle up their single cask whisky at cask strength!

    Craigellachie’s distillery, located in the village of Craigellachie in the heart of Speyside, was built in 1890. Designed by Charles Doig, it was built with all modern conveniences with the express intention of making a lighter fruitier character than the older distilleries – one of the earliest descriptors of Craigellachie mentions pineapple as a desireable aroma.

    It’s one thing to desire an aroma, but quite another to spend over 100 years perfecting the skills necessary to bring the desired character to life. This is exactly what Craigellachie has done, revelling in it’s sulphurous nature which is enhanced by long fermentation times in worm tubs. After careful maturation in quality oak casks, the initially sulphurous nature changes and turns into the most wonderful floral and tropical notes which have made Craigellachie a prized spirit for over a century.

  • Duncan Taylor was founded in Glasgow in 1938 where the company was initially a merchant and broker of Scotch whisky casks within the Industry. Over the decades, the company built strong ties with distillers and distilleries over Scotland, with the company bringing their own casks to the distilleries to be filled with new make spirit. This resulted in one of Scotland’s largest collections of cask whiskies from distilleries – many of which are now closed – maturing in the Duncan Taylor warehouses today.

    In 2002 Duncan Taylor moved its headquarters to Huntly, on the periphery of Speyside, Scotland’s largest whisky producing region, where it has its own facilities for cask storage, bottling, a cooperage and very soon, its own distillery. At that time, Duncan Taylor also ceased the “brokering” of whisky casks to distillery companies and bottlers to focus on the production and marketing of its own brands, and diversifying the portfolio with the addition of gin and rum.

  • ProducerCraigellachie Distillery for Duncan Taylor
    StyleCask Strength Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    Age12 years