Hayman's Sloe Gin

Hayman's Sloe Gin

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Tasting Notes for Hayman's Sloe Gin

Aroma: Soft plum, almond, frangipane and ripe red fruits.

Taste: Gin-forward, warming and rich with a delicate balance of tart and sweet.

Finish: Sweet plum flavours and warming spice.

Recommended Serve: Hayman's Sloe Gin & Lemon or Mediterranean Tonic with Lemon Peel.

  • A True English Sloe Gin is defined by its balance. Not too sweet, not too tart and you need to be able to taste the gin! To create Hayman's Sloe Gin, they gently steep wild harvested English Sloe berries in their classically balanced London Dry Gin for three to four months following an old family recipe.

    The result is a Sloe Gin of exceptional balance in which you will find plummy aromas, hints of almond and frangipane and delicious fruity notes from the wild-foraged berries – all underpinned by a classic English Gin backbone.

    Classically enjoyed throughout the festive season or as a warming companion to a brisk winter’s walk, Hayman’s Sloe gin in a true English Sloe Gin also pairs perfectly with sparkling wine to create a refreshing summer serve.

  • The Hayman gin distilling story starts in 1863 when James Burrough, a charismatic London pharmacist opened a small distillery in Cale Street, Chelsea (then spelt as Chelsey). He experimented with a number of gin recipes, giving them names such as Burrough’s, Olde Chelsey, Beefeater and Black Cat. At that time, London’s gin of choice was Old Tom Gin, however James was busy pioneering a drier style that we know today as London Dry Gin.

    James was the great grandfather of Christopher Hayman and the Hayman family have been distilling gin ever since.

    In the same way as many a family business that has been around for more 150 years, the Hayman gin journey has been full of twists and turns – from global conflicts, prohibition and dips in gin trends. A major turn came in 1987 when the family business was sold. A disappointed Christopher promptly purchased back one part of the business so that he could continue the family’s gin distilling journey.

    Today Hayman’s is based in Balham, South West London and only a few miles from the original family distillery in Chelsea. Christopher’s children James and Miranda now run Hayman’s -while sharing the same passion and affection for gin. Christopher, Hayman’s Master Distiller, is often seen in the distillery, taking an active role in the distillery process and sharing his knowledge. In 2019, he celebrated 50 years of working in gin, which was marked by introducing Hayman’s Rare Cut – their London Dry cut at 50% – the perfect strength for a Martini – Christopher’s favourite cocktail.

    The very essence of Hayman’s gin today is that they still make their gin using the same family recipes developed over 150 years ago. Using only the finest botanicals available combined with the two-day gin making process, their botanicals are infused in English wheat spirit for an entire day allowing the full natural flavours to shine through.

    Hayman’s traditional process is rare in this age of modern gin, however they are convinced it is this technique, as well as further innovations, which has led to the most highly acclaimed awards as well as continued positive acclamation for Hayman’s Gin.

  • ProducerThe Hayman Distillery
    StyleSloe Gin