Jin Jiji India Dry Gin

Jin Jiji India Dry Gin

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Tasting Notes for Jin Jiji India Dry Gin

Jin Jiji does what most great gins do, remain a gin at core with a heart of juniper, while using that canvas to allow a special recipe of botanicals to shine and in this case that includes the juniper too. Wild Himalayan juniper foraged in the mountains, Tulsi leaf, chamomile flowers, cashew nut and black tea combine with classic gin spices creating a well-rounded distinctive gin that will serve you well in wide range of drinks from the simple to the more complex.

  • From the fragrant Tulsi leaf used in Ayurveda, to the wildly aromatic Chamomile flower, each botanical has a story to tell. The heart and soul of Jin Jiji’s “India Dry Gin” is wild Juniper, foraged in the extremity of the Himalayas.

    The distillers first discovered wild foraged Himalayan Juniper on a trip to Delhi’s spice market. Unsure of its properties, they took it to England’s Gin Guild where it was confirmed to be Juniper, albeit of a unique nature. This revelation launched a trip through the extremities of the Himalayas to source it at its best.

  • Produced by Nao Spirits at their Goa distillery for Peak Spirits, based in India. Strangely, there is almost zero information about these guys. Even their web page is listed as under construction and refers us to their US distributor. We're guessing they're fairly new and just getting into the game, so we'll come back later and update once more info is available.

    They do however, have this to say about their Jin Jiji Gin:
    "We set out on an expedition around India to source for a gin that truly depicts the rich and diverse botanicals found in this magical country. The heart and soul of our “India Dry Gin” is wild Juniper, foraged in the extremity of the Himalayas. We couldn’t resist adding Tulsi, a fragrant lead used in Indian Ayurveda and often regarded by Hindus as the earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi. We distil our botanicals in a little distillery in Goa, throwing into the pot some of the highest grade, locally grown cashew nut – thriving here since being introduced by the Portuguese rulers in the seventeenth century."

  • ProducerNao Spirits Distillery for Peak Spirits
    StyleIndia Dry Gin