Never Never Juniper Freak Navy Strength Gin

Never Never Juniper Freak Navy Strength Gin

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Tasting Notes for Never Never Juniper Freak Navy Strength Gin

Aroma: Concentrated juniper presents immediately. Bright, pine-lime splice mingling with fresh pine needles and split gum leaf.

Taste: Thick and viscous. Bold juniper making way to peppery menthol.

Finish: Long with resinous juniper oils coating the palate and pepper berry developing late.

  • A navy strength expression of the Never Never Triple Juniper process, the Juniper Freak is an oiled-up beast of a gin, and needless to say, a lot of juniper goes into making the Never Never Distilling Co.'s Juniper Freak Gin (as is only fair when you pick a name like that).

    A yearly seasonal release, representing the freshest, brightest juniper character directly air-freighted from North Macedonia. The Juniper is then steeped in the spirit, redistilled with fresh juniper and with juniper in the still's vapour basket. But because the philosophy is that you can Never Never (get it?) have enough Juniper, the Australian distillers blend a pure juniper distillate made with the Macedonian juniper into the mix. Cunning fellows.

    Bottled at the official navy strength of 58%, this gin is long, complex and viscous.

    Do note that high levels of clouding occur when mixed, due to massively elevated juniper levels.

  • Australia’s Best Navy Gin – World Gin Awards – 2019​ & 2020

    Masters – Asia Gin Masters – 2019​

    Gold - San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2020

    Gold – UK Gin Masters – 2019​

    Gold – Singapore Worlds Spirits Competition – 2019​

    Gold – Tasting Australia – 2019

  • Founded in 2016 by three friends, George Georgiadis, Tim Boast and Sean Baxter, this distillery set out to shake up the Australian spirits industry, drive innovation, embrace adventure and to harness the fearless spirit required to go where none have been before.

    Juniper is at the heart of all Never Never gins and they distil their juniper in three ways using our triple juniper method:

    1. Juniper is steeped in the spirit for 24 hours.

    2. Fresh juniper is added to the spirit from step 1, and it's then distilled in a pot still.

    3. Juniper is added to the vapour basket of the still.

    Their still of choice is a 300L copper pot, heated with a pressurised water-filled stainless-steel jacket and electric elements, ideal for a small start-up. Equipped with flexible 5-plate rectification column and gin vapour basket. This gives flexibility in terms of what can be created. After extensive sampling and comparative blind tastings, the selection went to a wheat-based spirit, which is a little different for a SA distiller.

    It is with these values and methodology that set Never Never Distilling Co. apart from the crowd and they have quickly become recognised far and wide as being fearless with flavour – picking up a number of accolades along the way. One of which includes winning the World’s Best Classic Gin with their Southern Strength Gin at the World Gin Awards 2019.


    The spirit of adventure is inspired by the Never Never - the vast Australian expanse beyond the horizon. To step in to the Never Never is to journey in to the unknown.

  • ProducerNever Never Distilling Co
    StyleAustralian Navy Strength Gin