Ornabrak Irish Single Malt Gin

Ornabrak Irish Single Malt Gin

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Tasting Notes for Ornabrak Irish Single Malt Gin

Aroma: Rich and creamy nose with underlying juniper, malt, pine, subtle spice and citrus.

Taste: Smooth and complex flavours unfolding with juniper, vanilla, pink peppercorn, and earthy citrus.

Finish: Long and persistent.

Serving Suggestion: As a gin designed for whiskey lovers, Ornabrak can be enjoyed neat. It also makes a cracking Vesper Martini!

  • Ornabrak Gin was meticulously crafted following 36 distillation trials over 12 months, and with input from some of the world’s best bartenders. Starting with an initial palate of almost 30 botanicals, this was carefully narrowed down to just five. Juniper Berry, Douglas Fir Needles, Garden Angelica Root, Lemon Verbena Leaf and Lemon Peel were finally selected to best complement the complex and unusual Irish single malt base spirit.

    Ornabrak is one of a small number of gins internationally which actually distills its own base spirit. This spirit is made in its entirety from Irish malted barley, sourced principally in the South East of Ireland from contracted growers, before being malted in Cork, and subsequently milled, mashed, fermented and copper pot distilled for Ornabrak by West Cork Distillers in Skibbereen, West Cork. The single malt base spirit is four times copper pot distilled in West Cork and then distilled a fifth time with the five carefully selected botanicals to create a complex and floral single malt gin.

    The Ornabrak bottle was inspired by vintage apothecary and perfume bottles, and the label by Victorian botanical illustrations. Each botanical was custom illustrated for Ornabrak by one of Ireland’s leading botanical artists, Lynn Stringer, who is currently the chair of the Irish Society of Botanical Artists.

    The name ‘Ornabrak’ is derived from the Irish language words ‘Eorna Braiche’ (pronounced Or Na Brack) meaning Malted Barley.

  • Origin Spirits Ireland Ltd, creators of Kalak Single Malt Vodka and Ornabrak Single Malt Gin, are pioneers in avant-garde single malt spirits. Each product celebrates the best of Ireland’s terroir, tradition of distillation and spirit of creativity – This DNA transverses the portfolio. Each product is unique yet shares the same ‘Single Malt’ backbone. Each transports one on a sensory voyage to the heart of the Irish terroir.

    Following the same ethos, Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey is a true innovation in the whiskey world, and the first to be finished in seaweed charred casks – their first expression created using Irish Atlantic Kombu Kelp Seaweed and their second expression created using Atlantic Wakame Seaweed.

  • ProducerWest Cork Distillery for Origin Spirits Ireland Ltd
    StyleIrish Single Malt Gin