Phraya Elements Rum

Phraya Elements Rum

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Tasting Notes for Phraya Elements Rum

Nose: : Vanilla, honey, toffee, butterscotch, ginger and delicate floral notes

Taste: Butterscotch, vanilla, caramel and slight honey blossom

Finish: Creamy vanilla with caramel sweetness and gentle spices, leaving a warm lingering finish

  • Phraya, pronounced "prah-yah" (meaning honourable person), is a molasses rum from Thailand and is the second offering from the Sangsom Distillery in the premium Phraya range. The heart of PHRAYA Elements rum lies in the high-quality molasses obtained from the sugarcanes of Kanchanaburi, one of the region's biggest sugarcane growing areas, which is fermented and then distilled in a traditional column still.

    The distillate is matured in charred ex-bourbon barrels, (which add all the vanilla and caramel yumminess), in a specially created warehouse perched over a lagoon in Western Thailand. They tell us the lagoon keeps the warehouse cool and slows down the maturation process, allowing the flavours longer time to merge together and create a more balanced rum. There is no age mentioned on the Phraya website, which leads us to believe that the range of rums used to create Phraya Elements is slighly lower than their initial offering where they state the age of rums used is 7 to 12 years.

    Overall this is a very pleasant rum from Thailand which works well both in cocktails and as a sipper.

  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition (Gold) 2020

  • The Sangsom distillery in Nakhon Pathom Province has an area of 211 rai and 37 square wah (we're guessing that's pretty big), with 7,363 employees. It is the birthplace of the first bottle of SangSom in 1977, and the SangSom Co., Ltd. Since its first production SangSom has seen unceasing popularity. It's worth noting that Sangsom rum is insanely popular in Thailand and accounts for 70% of all rum sold in the country, but is virtually unknown outside it's local market and only 1% of sales come from overseas.

    There have also been constant quality developments in Sangsom rum. The liquor won a gold medal in the liquor competition in Madrid, Spain, in 1982 and 1983, and won another award in the liquor competition in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1983. Since then, it has been known among its connoisseurs as “SangSom Gold Medallion” (pinch of salt needed). The latest accolade came in 2006 when SangSom won the third gold award in Spain.

    Sangsom Co., Ltd. has set up a research and development unit to develop and control the production process of SangSom to maintain its quality and taste standards. Every bottle of SangSom has to pass through stringent quality control process from the selection of raw materials to the measurement of its taste and aroma with high-tech scientific equipment controlled by experts, scientists and master blenders.

    As the newest and most premium of all rums created at the Sangsom distillery, Phraya takes all of the previous work done for Sangsom rum and builds it into a premium package. The result is definitely worth trying!

  • ProducerSangsom Distillery
    AgeNo Age Statement