Rum & Cane Merchants Central America XO Rum

Rum & Cane Merchants Central America XO Rum

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Tasting Notes for Rum & Cane Merchants Central America XO Rum

Nose: A light, fresh profile of vanilla, caramel, soft oak and lemon.

Taste: Vanilla and wood gently mixed. Simple and balanced flavours cocao, candy, nuts and spice.

Finish: A dry finish with nuts and spices.

  • As the name would suggest, Rum & Cane Central America XO is a blend of specialty premium rums from the Central America region. Specifically, this means Nicaragua and Guatemala. The rums in this unique blend are crafted from molasses and distilled using column stills, then aged in ex bourbon casks. It’s labeled as “XO” — which has no legal definition in the world of rum — but we assume that these rums are at least 5 years old. Notably, this is a strictly limited release — there are only 2000 bottles to be had world-wide. All Rum & Cane Merchant Remarkable Region rums are naturally aged, have no additives, never chill-filtered and bottled at 43%. The bottle and display tin really is beautiful. It definitely won’t look out of place on your shelf!

    Rum & Cane Merchants say, “From Guatemala and Nicaragua, two of the most prolific producers of world class rum. It’s silky, smooth and has candied top notes. A great sipper, it makes a fabulous base for classic cocktails like Daiquiris – where the spirit shines without overpowering the drink.”

  • West Indies Rum & Cane Merchants is the new rum brand from Crucial drinks. Officially based in The City of London, they are blending great premium Rums that focus on regional flavours and styles, with each blend a marriages of rums from two different distilleries from one region. Importantly, it does seem like they are trying to do things the “right” way and all of their rums are naturally aged, have no additives, and are never chill-filtered. The rums are described as XO, or extra old, which is kind of a meaningless term that has no legal definition, but judging by the colour of the rum and the fact that they haven’t added any caramel colouring, we assume that these rums are at least 5 years old.

    Design-wise, Rum & Cane Merchants have come up with another winner. The bottle is designed to mimic the dutch rum “onion” bottle of yesteryear which was used by Dutch merchant ships in the 18th century. The wide body of the bottle gives it a low centre of gravity and minimises spillages when opened on choppy seas. Needless to say, it'll definitely be safe on your shelf and certainly won’t look out of place. We’re not sure why, but it really does seem that all the best bottles are saved for rum!

  • ProducerUnnamed distilleries from Nicaragua and Guatemala.
    StyleColumn distilled molasses rum
    AgeNo age statement