Sonoma 2nd Chance Wheat

Sonoma 2nd Chance Wheat

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Tasting Notes for 2nd Chance Wheat

Nose: : Caramel sweetness mixes with fresh spice notes. Light oak.

Taste: Plenty of wheat notes here (obviously), with touches of caramel and a crack of black pepper.

Finish: Continued toffee/caramel/fudge sweetness.

  • The Sonoma 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey is distilled from a mash of 80% unmalted wheat and 20% malted rye, which is unusual in itself, but when you add in maturation in ex-bourbon and ex-rye whiskey casks, things get interesting. But why is it called 2nd Chance you ask? Well that’s because they’re aging it the same small barrels previously used to age their bourbon on.

    In Sonoma Distilling Company’s Words: Sonoma 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey

    “Giving our barrels a ‘second chance’ to age whiskey, our 2nd Chance Wheat Whiskey is matured in used rye and bourbon barrels, further enhancing the toasty vanilla notes found in the American oak. This decelerated environment for aging allows the pliable wheat to remain vibrant, distinctive and showcases an ever-evolving style for this whiskey. Dubbed “the bartender’s choice”, it drinks beautifully neat and sings in a classic Whiskey Sour. Notes of freshly baked bread, citrus, vanilla bean, ginger and golden raisins. On the palate, butterscotch, light brine, toffee and orange curd. The finish is viscous and rich, but not sweet. The mouth fills out with a creamy grain quality. This is Wheat Whiskey."

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  • Founded in 2010 by San Francisco native Adam Spiegel, Sonoma Distilling Company is one of the first 200 distilleries in the country, a pioneer whiskey producer in California and one of the very first in Sonoma wine country. Spiegel discovered his passion for creating spirits in 2008, while assisting a distiller friend in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. From there, Sonoma Distilling Company was born. Spiegel and his team focus on handcrafting small batch-produced whiskey, from grain-to-glass, using old-school style stills to create whiskeys that are authentic and unpretentious, steeped in traditional values, but fueled by the evolved needs of the modern palate.

    Since its inception, Sonoma Distilling Company has employed sustainable processes as a core part of its business model, using natural resources like wind and ambient temperature of their location so as to have less of an ecological footprint. Every level of production at Sonoma Distilling Company is handled in-house, including the milling, mashing and fermentation of grains, handmade copper alembic pot distillation, American oak barrel aging, bottling and labeling. Sourcing only the finest non-GMO grains from California farmers and from around the world, Sonoma Distilling Company takes great pride in using the power of the dollar to work with those with whom they share a matching ideology. Through a mindful approach, hard work, and time-honored techniques, Spiegel and his team have pledged their enduring commitment to producing world-class whiskeys. Sonoma Distilling Company is California’s Premium Whiskey.

  • ProducerSonoma Distilling Company
    StyleWheat Whiskey
    AgeNo Age Statement