Tomatin 12 Year Old Single Malt

Tomatin 12 Year Old Single Malt

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Tasting Notes for Tomatin 12 Year Old Single Malt

Nose: Buttery at first, but notes of raisin and almond soon take over.

Palate: Oak-y vanilla and fresh mint, dotted with stem ginger and dried orange peel.

Finish: Currant buns, a hint of raspberry jam, barley.

  • The Tomatin 12 Year Old is classically smooth, having been matured in traditional Scotch Whisky, ex-Bourbon and ex-Spanish Sherry casks. The whisky is finished for six-to-nine months in Oloroso Sherry casks which bring some wonderful sweet and fruity notes, before being bottled at 43% abv.

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  • Although it is thought that whisky has been distilled on the site of the Tomatin distillery since the 16th century, when cattle drivers would buy from a local still, the distillery was not established until 1897, under the name of Tomatin Spey Distillery Co Ltd. The distillery operated with only two stills until 1958. Starting at that time, they began to add stills to increase production capacity, eventually reaching production of 12.5 million litres of whisky per year during the 1970s.

    During the 1980s, the whisky market crashed and demand dropped significantly. The aggressive expansion of Tomatin distillery in the previous decade had taken a toll on the company finances and by 1986, the company had been sold to a Japanese spirits company named Takara Shuzo Ltd., locally famous back in Japan for their sake production. This made Tomatin the first wholly Japanese-owned distillery in Scotland. With the sale to Takara Shuzo, the distillery also decided to stop focusing on mass production for other brands and instead start focusing on producing their own branded products.

    When Takara Shuzo took over in 1986, Tomatin was still referred to as the largest malt distillery in Scotland but this was a high water mark and since then the trend has been downwards. The new owners changed the direction somewhat, and more emphasis was put on developing their own brands rather than mass producing malt whisky for 3rd parties. Multiple stills were dismantled as a result, and in 2007 production was down to 2.5 million litres.

    Around eighty percent of Tomatin's whisky still goes into blended whisky, including its own brands of Antiquary and Talisman, but the distillery has been making an effort to bolster its name as a producer of single malts, expanding its core range and producing limited releases. The distillery has also begun to produce a lightly peated single malt called Cu Bocan which is produced 1 week a year at the distillery.

  • ProducerTomatin Distillery
    StyleHighland Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    AgeA minimum of 12 years