Transcontinental Rum Line - Fiji 2014

Transcontinental Rum Line - Fiji 2014

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Tasting Notes for Transcontinental Rum Line - Fiji 2014

Nose:  Full-bodied, a powerful expression of the Fiji style. Overripe exotic fruits with some sultanas. The woodiness also seems very heavy, with nuts stuck in a burnt caramel.

Taste: Powerful but smooth. Ripe fruits moving towards sweet almond makes. A strong presence of heavy resin or cherry pit. A cosy and comfortable sensation.

Finish: A note of copper and bitter chocolate, the finish is long and fluid.

  • Despite being half a world away from Jamaica, South Pacific Distillery definitely shares a similar rum heritage, mainly due to the British Navy connections. The rums coming out of Fiji are naturally fermented and full of esters, in some ways very comparable to Hampden Distillery in Jamaica.

    This TCRL Fiji 2014 rum is rich and opulent, with a fresh expression of tropical fruits and a high ester profile. Distilled in pot stills from fermented molasses and bottled at 48%, this batch spent most of its time ageing on the Fijian archipelago.

  • Inspired by the rich history of the transatlantic crossings of rum casks, the transcontinental rum line range aims to highlight the typicity and diversity of the world’s best provenances for rum.

    Selected by the expert team of la maison du whisky, these bottlings offer consumers great transparency on order the let the genuine quality of the rums shine. All the details concerning the distillation and aging of the products are clearly stated on the labels, making them great educational tools.

    With over 40 references coming from 12 different countries, the transcontinental rum line range has become a reference in terms of diversity and accessibility.

  • ProducerProduced by South Pacific Distillery, Fiji, for La Maison du Whisky
    StylePure Single Rum (pot still)
    Age4 years (2+ years in Fiji and a further couple of years in Europe)