Vieux Vaval 6 years old Whisky Single Cask Rum

Vieux Vaval 6 years old Whisky Single Cask Rum

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Tasting Notes For Vieux Vaval 6 years old Whisky Single Cask Rum

Incredibly delicate, this version aged in a cask that once contained whisky is at the same time extremely rich and concentrated. On the aromatic level, the relationship with the very famous Angevin appellation of “Quarts de Chaume” is much more eloquent than a long speech. 

  • Velier Vieux Vaval 6 Year Old Single Cask Rum was distilled at the Arawaks distillery located in Cavaillon, Haiti. The distillery was founded by Danois Vaval in 1947 and is today run by his son, Fritz, who also possesses 20 hectares of Madame Meuze sugarcane which is used for the rum. The distillery operates a continuous creole column still fitted with ten plates and a handmade condenser made from a gasoline can. The spirit is then bottled at its still strength of 50-55% abv. For this limited edition, instead of bottling it, the rum was transferred to an ex-whisky cask and matured onsite at the distillery for 6 years before being bottled to celebrate the 15th anniversary of La Maison du Whisky in Singapore.

  • Clairin is considered the national spirit of Haiti, and is an eaux-de-vie produced similarly to agricole rum, generally by a single local distiller using sugarcane from their village’s and adjoining fields. Largely secreted from the world for nearly 200 years, clairin was introduced to the world by Italian distributors, Velier, after Luca Gargano and Daniele Biondi discovered these distillers on at trip to Haiti in 2012.

    Velier was founded by Casimir Chaix in Genoa in 1947 as a wine and spirits importer and distributor. By the 1980s they were still a small family-company with less than ten staff. This all changed in 1986 when it was purchased by Luca Gargano, a former brand ambassador for Saint James who was at the time still in his twenties. Under his direction, they selected their first single cask whiskies in 1992, and their first rum in 1996. In the decades that followed, Velier have gone on to become one of the most collectible brands in the industry, and Gargano has positioned them as the one of the foremost authorities and bottlers of rum anywhere in the world.

  • ProducerArawaks distillery located in Cavaillon, Haiti, bottled for Velier
    StyleAged Clairin
    Age6 years in an ex-whisky cask