Writer's Tears Cask Strength Irish Whiskey

Writer's Tears Cask Strength Irish Whiskey

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Tasting Notes For Writer's Tears Cask Strength Irish Whiskey

Nose: Toasted cereal, almond oils, creamy chocolate and sweet floral notes.

Taste: Wild honey, summer fruits and fresh ginger all underpinned by a spicy single pot still base.

Finish: Delicate, warm and lingering.


  • Rare and complex Irish Whiskey for aficionados, we are proud to be able to exclusively offer this wonderful whiskey to the Singapore public. 

    Writers’ Tears Irish Whiskey not only has a peculiar name, but also some of the most amazing expressions, including the annual Cask Strength line. It’s straight-forward and unique in many ways. First, it’s a rare blend of aged single pot still and single malt. Single pot still means it’s made by a single distillery from a mash of malted and unmalted barley, distilled in – you guessed it, a pot still. Fun fact: the idea of mixing barley came up in the 18th century when the King of England decided to tax malted barley.

    Enough history, and let’s focus on this marvelous bottle. It's the 8th annual release and it's super-premium. It's triple distilled, non-chill filtered, aged in ex-Bourbon barrels, and bottled at 53% ABV. Limited to 5,175 individually numbered bottles, each is signed by founder and CEO of Walsh Whiskeys, Bernard Walsh. The founder describes the batch as complex, summery and fresh. If you get your hands on this one, consider yourself lucky! 

    The packaging of the 2018 vintage is a development of the design introduced last year featuring illustrations by Irish artist Linda Byrne depicting the whiskey distilling process.

  • This whiskey is a new release but has already won it’s first medal, taking home gold at the Irish Whiskey Awards – 2018

  • The company behind The Irishman and Writers Tears whiskey was set up by husband and wife partnership Bernard and Rosemary Walsh in 1999. The initial aim for the Walshes was to blend and bottle the perfect Irish coffee, and as such the first offering from the couple was the Hot Irishman. Moving on from this, The Irishman Irish cream was released in 2005, before an agreement was reached with Irish Distillers in 2006 to distil and lay down whiskey stock for the Irishman whiskey. The first whiskey released under The Irishman label was released in 2007. Since then, the whiskey has went from strength to strength, earning critical acclaim and picking up multiple awards along the way. Many of the whiskeys in this range are unique, blending traditional Irish single pot still whiskeys with Single Malt Whiskeys, to create a fusion not seen since the heyday of Irish Whiskeys. The Irishman range has been so successful it has allowed the Walshes to open their own distillery, Royal Oak.

    Royal Oak is the majestic home to the Walsh Whiskey Distillery, founded by Bernard Walsh, is a family-owned and operated distillery which ceremoniously opened its doors June 21, 2016. Walsh Whiskeys marks the return of Whiskey distilling to County Carlow, for the first time in over 200 years. They are also the only independent Irish Whiskey distillery to produce the three styles of Irish Whiskey– pot still, malt, and grain under one roof, in one still room. With columns for grain Whiskey, and pots stills for malt, Walsh Whiskey has the capacity to produce 650,000 cases of Whiskey per annum.

    The picturesque distillery is also designed to hospitably caters to visitors, with its three specially crafted imported copper pots stills, built in the legendary Scottish Forsyths -the world’s most prestigious supplier of distillation equipment- and two, forty plate column stills.

    A slight break from the traditional ex-Bourbon and Sherry, Walsh Distillery ages their Whiskeys in quality casks from around the world: Bourbon barrels from Kentucky, Sherry Butts from Jerez, Rum casks from St. Lucia and Marsala wine casks which they are receiving from their partners Illva Saronno in Sicily.

    Walsh Whiskey’s heart and soul are the very popular Writers Tears and Irishman Whiskey. Their goal is to expand the already existing line-up of these Whiskeys. Their growing production line up is a robust offering of various expression of these brands, with 8 Whiskey (5 Irishman, 3 Writer’s Tears) offerings.

    Their hybrid, single malt/pot still Irishman Founders Reserve, is highly acclaimed by Jim Murray who gave it 93 points, calling it “quite a wonderful blend.” Their distinctly floral, highly acclaimed Writer’s Tears Copper Pot , is also one of the highest rated Irish Whiskey’s in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible and one of our all-time favourites. Walsh rounds out their production range with an Irish coffee and Irish cream.

  • ProducerWalsh Whiskeys
    StyleSuper Premium Blend of Single Malt and Single Pot Still
    AgeNo age statement